31 Dec 2012

Lady Gaga Craze

Have you checked out The ABC of Fashion London lately? Recently it has been all about Lady Gaga and her Little Monsters, talking about it turning into a subculture of our age! 


30 Dec 2012

Preparing Myself Mentally

After the second fitting it was time to pull myself together, double check my fabric samples, be sure of my decision of material, taking in the advise of Paul and Aya. Wanting to use two different fabrics, deciding which fabric should be used where - and then there's the buttons... and even though the fabric had to be white cotton and the buttons had to be white as well, there is still surprisingly a wide range of choice, when trotting around the shops of London. 

See you on the other side! 


29 Dec 2012

Second Fitting

Admittedly I have been of the earth the last month, everything has been crazy busy and the blog has been neglected to beyond belief. But I have lots of stuff to share with you now. 

I had my second fitting on the December 3rd! This is the third sample of this shirt, as my second sample got ripped to pieces (not literally) by Paul (design tutor), so 3 days before having this fitting I was cutting out my pattern pieces for my third toile. That put me on a trail, because I had no idea if I would be able to finish a shirt in that amount of time,  considering that I have other lessons to attend to, turned about that I just about could! Thank heavens for that!

It turned out to be worth the stress and hassle, as there were only one or two things that I needed to change, which were minor things! 


28 Nov 2012


Last Monday we had our first fitting. And thank God its called a fitting and it's only made out of calico (plain-woven textile made from unbleached, and often not fully processed, cotton) ! As I made some mistakes, as my dear tutors were so kind to point out with a red Sharpie pen! We had a short discussion about what I could improve on my design and ask the model if there were any points were it was too tight or if it felt uncomfortable, the cuff were a bit tight! Apparently I have tiny wrists, as I used their measurement to go after. 
We also discussed finishings and other details, that probably wont be anything to you unless you know about seams and pattern construction, so I wont bore you with that. 

The final thing will be made in white cotton - not my decision, just wanted to point that out. Of course the main focus of this project is the silhouette and not colour or detailing. Although I always think that detailing should be a high priority it is what differs a good outcome from a bad, also if it feels cheap or expensive. 

At the moment I've been working on my second toile (what the model is wearing is called a toile, you could also call it a prototype), I've already made tons of mistakes on that as well. Kind of wanted to rip it a part and burn it on Tuesday, but I refrained myself from doing so. 
Now I'm strongly considering making a third toile, which is a bit daring, as it has to be ready for Monday, not sure I'm going to make it! Wish me luck!

Any thoughts on the design?


18 Nov 2012

Traffic People Press Event

As I've told you before I'm currently doing an internship for Carrot Top PR, on Tuesday I helped out with the Traffic People press event, serving delicious cupcakes and champagne in tea cups and showed the collection of to press and blogger, here's the press release: 
"Traffic People's new S/S 2013 collection embraces the 1950's Americano style, with retro cuts and prints. With nautical stripes, contrast piping and flirty dots; it's all about those key details for the new season. Flattering and feminine shapes help mesh these details together and leaves us with a very wearable look for S/S 2013."

The press event was held at their store at Spitalfields Market in Shoreditch, the shop is extreme cute and feminine, reflecting their design aesthetics well. There were quite a few pieces I didn't mind adding to my wardrobe! So look out for the collection, which will arrive in store around February. 


Working On Alternatives

Spec/technical drawing of final design (done on Illustrator) for the Shirt & Silhouette project.

I was contemplating wheter I needed to buy more calico for my toile or not. And as my kitchen table isn't that big, I decided to tape my calico to the wall and place all my pattern pieces to see if they all fitted on or not. Luckily I could just squeeze them all on! 

Back and front of toile. 


Side views of the toile. 

After last weeks assessment for my DESIGN/TEC module, where I passed (first year is mostly on a pass or fail basis), this week I had to pick my final design and get started. 
I was unsure of which design to do, so I consulted with fellow students, the technician (Kerian) and my design tutor (Paul) - turned out to be more confusing than helpful, as they all picked out different designs. In the end I decided to go with what Paul liked the best, he was surprisingly quick at pointing out which one he preferred... Paul liked this one the best as it didn't have a typical shirt silhouette, and only the detailing referenced that it is a shirt. 
I did have to change the original design slightly, just to make my life easier supposedly, but if you ask me I was more annoyed than pleased at first. Alright I get that its pretty important that you can actually get your head into the shirt, I originally didn't have any opening what so ever. 
I tried placing a button stand on the front, design unconventional button stands and nothing worked for me, Paul wasn't any help at all. I later found out that he'd been smiling in amusement over my design issues, while I've been looking at my design developments in frustration. Hmpf! 
In the end the button stand got a place, just on the back of the shirt rather than the front, so it wouldn't disturb any of my lines in the front and I turned the collar around to give the design a more interesting spin. Also I unconventionally used a tux collar rather than a typical shirt collar, just because it's different. Why save something good for special occasions, when you could use it everyday? I really like the tux collar.

What are your thoughts on the design?


17 Nov 2012

The ABC of Fashion London

Remember to check out the latest posts on The ABC of Fashion London, just click on the image and it'll redirect you! (Remember there's a tab on the top that will redirect you as well) Not too long ago I did a full shop report on Bluebird! Worth a read, even though it might seem a bit long... 

This week I had an assessment on The ABC of Fashion London blog and I achieved a high 2:1/first for my work on! 


The Horniman Museum

Last week I went to The Horniman Museum with my Fashion Cultural Contextual & Representation class.  We went to see the The Body Adorned: Dressing London exhibition, they described the exhibition like this: 

"The exhibition features hundreds of stunning objects from the Horniman’s collections including adorned figures, early tattooing instruments and headdresses, a film installation by The Light Surgeons, several wardrobes of London residents exploring why they wear what they wear and urban street portraits taken by young people."

I found the exhibition really good, it was nice to see something else for a change rather than always going to the V&A for inspiration. 
I know I haven't talked much about my FCCR lectures, but thats mostly because this lecture is all based on theory and seems less exciting in general. 
The reason why we went to the museum was to try out an analysis theory that we have read about in one of our readings. 

These past few weeks, we've also been studying artifacts found at MoDA (Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture) and at our own Shepherd's Library, where we have a materials room, which has an extensive range of really interesting things that relate to both fashion, art and design in other forms.  


6 Nov 2012

55 Factory

True fact that I have been neglecting my blog for the past three weeks or so! I know, bad Hannah!
But sometimes you just get carried away with life and forget to update whats happening in your virtual one. The blog is my virtual life, everything in the blog world, makes it look like life is perfect, because to be honest how many people post online, when they've had a less than good one? 
When I've had a bad day I can't be bothered to post and when I've had a really good day, I'm just too knackered by then end of it to be bothered to post. So I post on average days! 

Anyway enough said about that! On Tuesday, another tweeting senstation happened and I landed myself another one day internship with Lois, who's the blogger behind Bunni Punch and Carrot Top PR! So I spend Thursday night with my flatmate Sophie (she also did the internship for Lois) at the 55 Factory Exhibition preview night in Shoreditch, its still on if you want to go and have a look! 
I spend the night handing out beer, pretending to be a bartender, and welcomed the quests at the door and took down their names and email addresses. 

We also got plenty of opportunity to have chats with all the fashion and art insiders that had come to see the show. Met lots of interesting people and generally had a really good time. 
Lois and I agreed on keeping in contact in the event of anything else exciting should come up, and she would need a hand. I hate to say, but you've got to love Twitter! 

By the end of the night Sophie and I were desperate for some food! Our duty started at 5pm and ended at 10pm, so we never really got an opportunity to have to dinner, so we swung by the nearest take-away we could find and ate it on the tube! What a successful evening. 

I'll make sure to update you on my university projects ASAP, but this week is assessment week, so everything is just a tiny bit crazy. Will see you on the other side!


18 Oct 2012

Creating New Shapes & Silhouettes

Apologies for the lame updates lately, been really busy working on the new addition to the blog! Feel free to check it out anytime and comment if you wish to, either ask or add something! 

On Monday I continued my work on the Shirt and Silhouette project, we were asked to create new shapes and silhouettes inspired by our research. All these paper experimentations were done on a half scale, it was both fun and challenging. It was fun to have a look around every now and again to see what my fellow students were working on. We all did something complete different, eventhough we have all to some extend been looking at the same things for our inspiration. Interesting how we all interpret things differently. 
Which "design" is you favourite? And which was is you least favourite? Remember to explain why! ;) 


17 Oct 2012

New Edition

Check out a new edition to the website! It's another blog completely dedicated to the insights of fashion shops, designers, subcultures and magazines! Just click on the tab and it will redirect you to all the fashion insights you could ever dream of! 


13 Oct 2012

Keep Smiling!

Don't you just love...
  1. Ringing Transport for London and complaining about not being able to log in, when it's really your own fault, because you didn't click on the Oyster 18+ section! Embarrassing! 
  2. Having to pay £8.70 for 3 stops and a return to Hampstead?!
  3. Locking yourself out of your own flat, because you forgot the keys, before you left... 
  4. Having to walk half an hour to the nearest Royal Mail Delivery Office?
  5. Then having to stand and wait for a good 15-20 minutes to get served, only to find out that you need to bring a photo ID to pick up your parcel?! Since when do you have to do that?!
  6. Going into a panic because you suddenly can't find your bag in Sainbury's only to find out that it's been hanging on your shoulder all the time... 
  7. Treating yourself to a hot chocolate, only to find out that you really struggle drinking from one of those take away cups, and spilling it half way down yourself... 
  8. Coming home from a rough morning and wanting to do the laundry, only to discover how much of a struggle it is to carry it all down there, just to find out that none of the machine are available. Damn Saturday lunchtime rushhour at the landurette! 
On a more postive note: don't you just love... 
  1. Getting your first internship within the first week of term at uni. 
  2. Getting the internship via Twitter!
  3. Having a good first week at uni. 
  4. The fact that Miss Magpie, which you've only spent a day with, wants to revamp your CV, because it "needs a bit of work". 
  5. That Miss Magpie says that I should put her down, as one of the people future employees can get a reference from if they find me interesting. 
How was your week? Anything to add to list?


11 Oct 2012

MAC LAB & Miss Magpie

Picture taken from: Miss Magpie Fashion Spy

Yesterday I had my first MAC LAB session and guess what, I have to make a blog! A new one, not allowed to carry on with this one... well I am, but just not regarding this project. We'll be doing different assignments related to this blog, for instance this week I have to visit some more shops and write shop reports on them all. 
To follow that project visit: THE ABC OF FASHION LONDON. At the moment there's not really much to the blog, but I'll give some TLC during the weekend. 

Sophie, my flatmate, who also has a blog, has been raving about getting a Twitter account. And follow all the right people. So I did spend a few minutes creating a Twitter account, took down the names Sophie suggested. A couple of days later I scored myself a ONE day internship with Miss Magpie Fashion Spy! Ha, can you imagine that?!
So today I spend the day with Niki Groom in her London Bridge studio. She was super sweet and it was great to get a little sneak peek into what it's like to be a freelance fashion designer. Niki even told me to stay in contact! Such an exciting day! 

Now I'm going to mentally prepare myself for a mega long day tomorrow filled with Fashion, Cultural, Contexts and Presentation. 


8 Oct 2012

First Day

My first day at Middlesex University. My first proper day with lectures and actual teaching, last week was a bit of an icebreaker project (the Treasure Trail in London). 
As I mentioned in the previous post we were also given our first project that actually counts for module points, it's called Shirt & Silhouette. 

Here's the introduction to the project: 
"The Silhouette of a garment or outfit is one of many aspects to fashion that you have to consider in your development to become a successful designer. This could be in relation to how a shoulder, a hip or any other area of the body could be remodelled to create a certain 'look'. 

Look at designers such as: Maison Martin Margiela, Comme Des Garcons, Viktor and Rold, Junya Watanabe, Gareth Pugh, Ann Demeulemeester, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Yohji Yamamoto... 

For this brief you should visit at least one of the buildings from the list of interesting architecture in and around London below. It is essential that you have initial research and responses to bring to your first design session during week one." 

I had a look at the Clapham Library, Lloyds Building, National Theatre and Serpentine Pavillon. Above are some of my research pages that I brought to my first design session today - I have about 20 pages that looks similar to these. 

So what did I think about my first day? 
I met at 2pm for my first design session (I have two on the same day), during my first session I got introduced to industrial sewing machines! Gosh, they are a bit agressive, it makes your heart race! We just went through some basic training with the sewing machine; how to thread it, sew straight lines and curved ones as well. 
Our technician was super sweet, bless her, she was a bit nervous and kept apologising for being a bit all over the place. 

During our second session we met up with Paul Rawson, he's our design lecturer. 
He's a bit of a funny one, you just don't know where you have him... Was kind of throwing the wibe of: 'I'm only here because I need the job' kind of thing. Didn't seem to bothered about given us much feedback on our work. 
Asked him if he was going to be honestly and blunt with us in the future, so we know realistically where we're standing. Paul said yes - no fussing about and just get straight to the point, apparently he's just easing us in the week, as its our first. We'll see... 

Tomorrow I don't have any lectures, but I'll be keeping myself busy for some more research for the project. Paul like collages and everything has to be printet out for each lesson, he wants to feel and touch and rip and cut. Nothing digital like I've been getting used to... I feel sorry for all the trees I'll be killing the next 3 years. 

Over and out.


3 Oct 2012

Treasure Trail in London

Some images are taken by Ruth one of my flat mates and the rest by me on my iPhone. 

On Monday Freshers Week started at Middlesex University. I had my introduction day, where I got to meet some of the tutors and shown around. We were also given two project briefs, one that would cover this week and one that we would start on next week. 

This weeks project brief required us to divide into groups of four - and then run around in London to find different places. Each place had a description and address, but no name of the actual place. Then there would be a task that we had to solve. 
There were 10 points of interest that we had to visit: Bond Street Tube station, V V Rouleaux (braids and trimming), Liberty (had to find my 3 favourite stockiest), Dover Street Market (famous Japanese brand), Ance (get the magazine), A.P.C (get a picture of their interior), Topshop (current collaboration),  Berwick St. (get fabric swatches), Old Compton St number 48 (by a magazine that inspires me), Start (what type of pet does the founder own?), Rivington St (more magazines to browse) and meet at Patisserie Valerie. 

The most eventful thing of the day was when we went to START and had to find out what pet the owner had. We couldn't quite understand why, until we asked a shop assistant. We then found out that the START shops (there are 3) are own my Brix Smith-Start, famous for competing against Gok Wan in the TV progamme Fashion Roadshow. Brix has two dogs called Gladys and Pixie, unfortunately they weren't in the shop today, usually they are and so is she! Such as shame, would have loved to meet her! We had a good chat with the shop assistant and found out that he also had been a fashion student, he took his BA at Manchester Metropolitan University and his MA at The Royal College of Art! 
Our jaws dropped in amazement, how did he get in?! He just said it isn't as difficult as everyone thinks it is. Just apply, have enthusiasm and drive! 


1 Oct 2012

Update on JV Project

It's been while since I last gave you an update on what was going on with Julie's dress. A lot has been going on the last few weeks not just for me, but Julie has also been really busy. 

Initially I did a toile in calico of Julie's dress, but that didn't work about very well! Too small, so I decided to get some fairly cheap jersey, to get an idea of how the material would work with my design. This worked out better, not only because of the material, but also because I actually got around to take her measurements! 
Which actually weren't that far from the original patterns. 

Anyway these pictures are of Julie, wearing the toile in calico, were just doing her fittings. It was a little bit too big and the front neckline needed altering. 

As I was ordering the Luxury Viscose Jersey and checked out, I got an email couple of minutes later saying that the material was out of stock! And it would take a week for it to arrive instead of a 2 days. Which totally messed up the plan of having the dress ready for Julie before I returned back to England. 

On the Friday that I left, I was able to see the lovely Julie for 5 minutes and she quickly through on the dress, with the new alterations, and it was perfect, besides the ragged edges and the fact that I hadn't had the time to stich it together properly! 

Now I'm just waiting for my Mum to send over the material, and then I need to find out if  I have to go out and purchase a sewing machine or if its going to be possible to use the studios at the university in the weekend. Either way the dress is going to with Julie on the day she needs it! 


29 Sep 2012

Moving in...

Monday was the big day, as that was the day that I moved into halls, Platt Halls to be specific. Although this day I only moved in all my stuff and got myself unpacked, as well as I could. My rooms is an en-suite, quite small, but its alright. 
I officially moved in on Wednesday, as I wanted to spend the last couple of days with my Dad, before he jumped on the plane back to Denmark. 
He came over to help me move in and sort some other bits and pieces out. Thank you for all your help Dad! 

So now I've been here in Colindale for a couple of days, met my flatmates (they are super friendly and easy to chat with, we're 6 girls in total), explored the area a bit, but currently waiting for my Oyester card to come through, so I can explore the rest of London. 
There have been a couple of social gatherings as well. 
Yesterday we had a Welcome Fete for all the students that had moved into halls, great opportunity to get some free food and learn about things that are connected to the university. 

On Monday induction or freshers week start and I'm really excited to get started. 
We've already been given a challenge, a little summer project as they call it. Although Middlesex's MyUniHub hasn't made it easy to find anything. So if it wasn't for one of my flatmates I wouldn't even have known about it! 
Just proves that its so important that you are a member of all the right facebook pages!  Haha how ridiculous! But come on, they're not even easy to find!


13 Sep 2012

Side Project

 As you know I'm working on the dress for Julie, I decided to use some of the scrap material to create a top in the same style as the dress for Julie. I might be a bit tricky to see the details, as black mannequin and black top doesn't make it easy to see the contrasts! 
Lets hope she likes it! 


11 Sep 2012

A Sketch of A Dress

While I'm still slowly working on the dress, I thought I'd show you a quick line drawing of the design. 


9 Sep 2012

Kitchen Studio

When you're no longer working in a studio you have to find alternatives, when you own bedroom is too small to even have patternpaper laying on the floor. So I transformed my parents kitchen island into a workspace. One of my dear friends Julie asked my kindly if I could make her a gala dress, some might call it prom, but since it's for a college due and the way Julie described the event, I think the more appropriate word is "gala". Anyway people keep telling me that I've got all this time, and I'm doing nothing with my life, so I might as keep busy these last few weeks, before I move back to England. 

Julie had a very clear vision for her dress, which makes my job easy. She wanted something elegant, with a deep draped back, reasonably high neckline at the front and floor length. We've been discussing material quite a lot, but once again Julie had quite a clear vision, nothing shiny or something that screams cliché gala dress materials (silk, satin, taffeta etc.), so we've ended up with a luxurious Viscose Jersey in black. 

So far the biggest challenge making this dress has been creating the pattern, as I haven't been able to locate any basic blocks here in Denmark or anywhere online that looks trustworthy. 
So I brought a basic maxi dress block from Stof & Stil (a Danish fabric store), and altered it from there, which turned out to be a trickier than expected. 

Hopefully I'll be able to show you the final result soon!


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30 Aug 2012


The future, God... 
It's only a couple a weeks ago it got finalised that I'm actually going to study at Middlesex University. It's been a long waiting time, in the end it all came down to wether or not Student Finance wanted to give me the Maintenance Loan. They came around and said yes! So there was a big smile and a bit of a cheer. I had already spent some time to mentally prepare myself that it might not happen - and Denmark would be the place for me to stay. 
Københavns Erhvervsakademi (Copenhagen School of Design and Technology) had already offered me a place, which my Mum was literally jumping in excitement over. She was thrilled to say the least. I suppose it was good news, I mean a least I would know where I would be going if England wasn't going to be an option. 
KEA's (Københavns Erhvervsakademi) letters started coming through, RUStur (freshers week) information and a list of whom my classmates where going to be. 27 girls and 1 boy. Dress-up and parties to prepare for, but then the Student Finance Letter came through and honestly a sigh of relieve came. I'm not much for dressing up in embarrassing costumes.    

So of I go, the contract for halls has been signed and the plane tickets booked. Time to pack the bags and say my goodbyes, I'd rather say "see you around". 
I do think this a perfect opportunity for my friends to come over a visit me in England ;) Since a disappointing amount of people came to visit while of there during my first 2 years, they'll have an additional 3 years to make up for it! Haha! 

To start a new journey I thought a new webpage/blog would be a great way to start it of.


28 Jun 2012

End of Year Show - Saying Goodbye

Invite for the preview night. 
Waddesdon Manor. 
Me fixing the the final touches on the mannequin.
Grey Gardens Dress. 
Final Major Project garments. 
Having a chat with the retail girls, last change to talk about our two years at Aylesbury College. Who knows when we'll meet again.
One of those types that doesn't enjoy photographes too much, when I'm the focal point. 

Alison Cheveralls, our form tutor made the evening happen, she planned all this, picked out the best piece that we (students) have created through the past two years. 
Although she did try to stick to a colour scheme - dark shades... 

That's it for Aylesbury College, it all over and done with and I can't believe how quickly it has gone.
It's been an interesting journey with ups and downs, challenges and victories, with laughs and a few tears, mean faces and happy faces. All in all a time to remember and it wouldn't have been the same if it wasn't for the people that were involved! So bit shout out to Ali, Emma and Penny, which made the last year worthwhile!