15 Dec 2011

Final Major Project #1

Brain storming for my Final Major Project:

Just a few mind maps so get the brain going. Yesterday I started to write my FMP brief, it currently being looked at by my Construction tutor, tomorrow I'll get feedback.
Besides having my FMP project brief finished by tomorrow afternoon, the plan is also so send of my UCAS application! Wish me luck!

Thankfully its the last day of college tomorrow and then the christmas holiday starts hurray!

Now I'm of to see the christmas concert that my cousin is starring in!


12 Dec 2011

Grey Gardens #8

All photos taken by Charlotte Doherty check out her lookbook.nu profile!

So here's some of the photos from todays result. Charlotte, Zoe and I went out in Aylesbury and did a mini photo shoot in 2 hours, which was a bit pressured, but Charlotte managed to get the photos she needed - it was mainly for her and Zoe's purpose than anything, as they are doing a retail project based on Grey Gardens, but they could choose to promote on of the design students collections and they chose mine! So far Charlotte has posted 10 photos on Facebook and these are just my favourites...

What do you think - dress and photos?

You wouldn't have thought that I spend bloody ages pressing that dress, it looks so creased! But in general that linen isn't very cooperative as you would have hoped for!

Got some other good news today from my tutors; my form tutor reckons that if I do everything to the standard that I have done so far and keep working hard and pushing my boundaries my predict grade for the my final diploma would be D*D*D* - so the highest you could possibly get, translated to UCAS points thats 460! Wow, above an beyond, lets hope it all works out for me! No pressure as my form tutor Ali said!

Penny from Printed Accessories said if I hand in a beautiful sketchbook which contains all the work it should have tomorrow and I do some hemming and I can bring the scarf home! Hurray - watch out Mum that's your present! (Don't worry she already knows...) So NO preview pictures before Christmas Eve unfortunately for you guys!

I'm also currently working on filling out my UCAS application, only a few bits missing, which I need help with from college. There's different types on National Diplomas so have to sort that one out, which one?! Then there's the personal statement which Ali, is brutally sorting out (5th draft will there ever be an ending?) and of course the famous five choices... Won't be revealing those anytime soon, way to scary! And hopefully all this will be done by Friday, all paid for and accepted by Ali, with the reference too, send of! Hopefully with no regrets afterwards, fingers crossed!

Hope you have a lovely week!


Play #2

All photos taken by me, on a borrowed Nikon D3100.

When I started this blog spot I thought it was going to be a quick one; adding text on the pictures in photoshop easy peasy and then upload them on Photobucket. Well first of all I got so excited that I uploaded the pictures before adding the text, so gad to delete them and them upload them again after adding the text. While then uploading them for the second time, suddenly some of the text was missing on two of the pictures! Time to reload again... and again! 

Frustrating I'm telling you, but because I'm so determined I have done the blogpost for you!
None of these scarfs are the one for my Mum, but all of these scarfs have been made by the team that I was in. We made 6 in total, but cut one into pieces, because we didn't like it and ended up putting it your journals instead!

The prints are designed by Daisy (I cannot remember which building she used - embarrassing!) and I (Sydney Habour Bridge) and as a team we then printed them. As the actual building/bridges are cut into sections we could play around with the placement so it wouldn't become so obvious! I'm so pleased with all of them! Turned out so much better than I expected them to do. My favourite is the navy blue silk scarf, the effect has been achieved by using discharge paste and a leaking iron, plus an industrial steamer. I looks absolutely beautiful in real life... Although the hemming is absolutely dreadful...

What are you're thoughts? Would you buy any of the scarfs if they were for sale?


7 Dec 2011

Grey Gardens #7

So here's the illustration that I promised to post, I don't really like doing fashion illustrations as its not really my strong point, although I do enjoy drawing... Any thoughts, to my otherwise simple illustration? The actual outline has been done by my dear hands, the backdrop and the image has all been done on Photoshop.

The madness is over... I handed in my Grey Gardens project today and the past week has been pretty rough with trying to get everything finished for today, even ended up doing my Power Point Presentation on the bus on my way into college this morning!
Living the wild life of a teenager, naah not really...
I am beyond relived that I have finally finished this project, the projects always tends to drain me when I'm nearing the end, because I'm desperate to finish, as my patience is starting to ware of.

The next thing that's on the to-do-list is write that review of University of Westminster,perhaps updating a review on AUCB as I revisited that yesterday with Daisy. We had such a nice day together, her Dad took us there, really nice guy he's in the creative industry himself so there was loads to talk about, even though we attend the morning sessions I didn't get home till 7 pm as we ended up at TGI Friday for a late lunch, they were desperate for food!
I will also be starting to brainstorm ideas for my Final Major Project tomorrow as I will be starting to write the brief on Friday! Scary and exciting at the same time!

Hope you have a great week!


3 Dec 2011

Grey Gardens #6

Wuhu! I have finally finished my collection that consists of 18 designs, which was the requirement in the brief. The thing is that I tend to work a bit backwards, even though I finished this collection line-up the other day - I finished my final garment yesterday, which probably not how the tutors want me to work, but it works for me!
Am I pleased with the outcome? Well lets just say that I'm never satisfied and I'm a great believer in that you could always do better. The problem is that I constantly change my mind about what should and shouldn't be in the collection, think I have done over 60 designs for this project and still not pleased with the designs that I have done... and yes quality is better than quantity.

Anyway its done now and thank God for that, but I won't show you the final garment, before the illustration (which I haven't done yet) and you will have to settle with the camera from my phone, because there just isn't enough time in a day to get the photo studio booked on a Friday to get the pictures taken...

Oh and btw I still need to post one last university open day review and that is from University of Westminster, but that will probably not be up until a few days.

Hope you have a great weekend!