12 Dec 2011

Play #2

All photos taken by me, on a borrowed Nikon D3100.

When I started this blog spot I thought it was going to be a quick one; adding text on the pictures in photoshop easy peasy and then upload them on Photobucket. Well first of all I got so excited that I uploaded the pictures before adding the text, so gad to delete them and them upload them again after adding the text. While then uploading them for the second time, suddenly some of the text was missing on two of the pictures! Time to reload again... and again! 

Frustrating I'm telling you, but because I'm so determined I have done the blogpost for you!
None of these scarfs are the one for my Mum, but all of these scarfs have been made by the team that I was in. We made 6 in total, but cut one into pieces, because we didn't like it and ended up putting it your journals instead!

The prints are designed by Daisy (I cannot remember which building she used - embarrassing!) and I (Sydney Habour Bridge) and as a team we then printed them. As the actual building/bridges are cut into sections we could play around with the placement so it wouldn't become so obvious! I'm so pleased with all of them! Turned out so much better than I expected them to do. My favourite is the navy blue silk scarf, the effect has been achieved by using discharge paste and a leaking iron, plus an industrial steamer. I looks absolutely beautiful in real life... Although the hemming is absolutely dreadful...

What are you're thoughts? Would you buy any of the scarfs if they were for sale?


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