23 Mar 2012


Another week has almost gone by, with another round of lazy blogging. But as always I'm full of excuses. So rather than coming with excuses, I'll giving you some blogging!

First of all its been my intention to tell you about the Danish Design School Open Day;
Argh lets see if I can even remember now! Hm, the first things that pops to my mind was that the place was absolutely heaving and it was steaming hot! Have they ever heard if air condition? They gave you a thorough tour of the campus, the atmosphere at Holmen, is probably what I'm most drawn to, it just seems really inspiring to be there. Just like most places the tour guides aren't brilliant, because the people at the back end up not hearing a thing - and the student kept going the wrong way, which was a bit of a bummer.
Also I would like to mention the fact, that they don't make it easy for disabled people out there either!
The course talk, was good, but again their organizational skills, weren't great, we were originally supposed to be in a lecture theatre, but ended up standing/sitting in the students workspaces/studio, which wasn't ideal.
After that there was an opportunity to look at some of the students work and exchange a few words. Thought it was rather funny that one of the girls had been working on a project inspired by Japanese dressing, considering what I'm doing for my FMP.
From experience the students are actually the most worthwhile talking to, half the time the tutors seems a bit out of control - haha, not best impression!

Then my parents and I went to see the graduates exhibition and I must admit that I was most impressed by the furniture or product designers. And of course the library, must see the library and get free coffee! One thing though, the libraries doesn't seem very impressive over in Denmark, in comparison to the ones that I have seen in the UK.

I'm slightly frustrated that in the first year at DKDS you HAVE to study all kinds of design - and when you're as impatient as me, you kind of want to get a move on! And whats even more frustrating is that it is DKDS that I was most drawn to out of all the Danish universities that I looked at.

Hm, should I give you some more uni updates with the English ones now? Or should I wait for another time, because when bloggers posts gets too long, you start to loose interest.
So I'll stop and hopefully keep your interest, because of the above statement!


14 Mar 2012

Final Major Project #6

Last weeks update on my toile. I was trying to explain to my auntie, uncle and cousin what exactly a toile is - and my uncle ended up saying prototype, because that was a word that he could relate to. So just incase you didn't know what a toile is, you might have a better idea know.
Hope the picture are pretty self explanatory, if not feel free to ask questions! These days, these pictures makes sense to me, but I understand if you're not familiar with making garments, those pictures means nothing to you! ;)


10 Years of DANSK - A Decade of Danish Fashion

I meant posted a post about this exhibition on Monday, but ended up being busy with the orthodontist and printing out my portfolio! But better late than never!

This is another exhibition that I attended during my time back in Denmark in February. The exhibition was held at the Danish Design Center, which is probably most used as a conference center, than an exhibition space on a daily basis. But they do have a exhibition space where they showcase Danish design through out the decades, swing by if you've got time.

Back to 10 years of DANSK - a decade of Danish Fashion, it wasn't the biggest exhibition, but again not the smallest. I do think the space was used cleverly and they had some really cool pieces in there. I must admit though that one of my favourite Danish designers at the moment i Anne Sofie Madsen, which also had a few pieces in there, which got me really excited!

It's always good to be back in DK and get the opportunity to appreciate some good Danish design, don't see much of it over here, unless you know about of course.
But the likes of Peter Jensen, doesn't get recognised as a Danish designer, but is seen as a London based one. Well his studio is after all in London and he hasn't returned to DK ever since he moved to London to study at Central Saint Martins. So there you go the Danes looses their 'guldkorn', as the Danes would say, to there countries with more opportunities and a wider market....

Anyway enough said!


11 Mar 2012


You've got to be a proud sister - its your duty when you have a sibling, this is my brother Martin on the Roskilde Racing Center track, it might not be for you, but he's damn cool!
Check the video, would recommend that you perhaps fast forward to 3 or 4 minutes in :)


10 Mar 2012

Final Major Project #5

Just found this brilliant app on App Store called Picture Collage Maker Lite, where I just made the above collage, so much easier than trying to do it on Photoshop, as it has templates and its easy to add or delete photo frames!
And when you select which photos you want to use you can just click "auto refill" and it chooses the photos for you! Absolutely brilliant!! Its going to save me so much time!
What do you think? Yes or no?

Anyway back to the images, I have started to toile one of my designs.
I've been thinking a lot lately about sharing my college work, as someone who is also applying to the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools, Architecture, Design and Conservation School of Design, also known as the Danish Design School, said that she didn't want to post her illustrations, as they are the main focus in her portfolio, she's scared that someone might steal her work!
I mean is that totally bonkers to think like that? Perhaps I'm a bit naive when it comes to things like that, I enjoy sharing my work after all. On the other hand I don't have far as many readers as she does, so perhaps I can't really put myself in her shoes, cause I've got no clue what its like and she is hugely admired by her readers... and keeps coming with statements, such as you: I'm really flattered that you find my illustrations inspiring, but remember to find your own personal illustration style.

All I'm saying is don't steal my work! And if you do, you better not be applying for the same course at the same university as me!

Simply sharing the love here! ;)

Hope you are having a great weekend, primarily spending mine on sleeping, looking at blogs and doing some homework.


7 Mar 2012

Joy Division #2

I have finally chosen which design I'm going to use for my Printed Accessories lesson, it's the face of Ian Curtis, which was in at late 1970's post-punk band called Joy Division, funny enough! God my humor sucks.. 
The print is going onto a silk dress, which will be a nightmare to make! Wish me luck!


5 Mar 2012


Went to the V&A on Friday with my family straight from college, which was good. There's nothing like hanging out at a amazing museum on a Friday night, were all the Londoners go to hang and have a drink with their friends, the lounge/trendy music in the background as you're moving around the museum. The main reason for going was to get some more inspiration for my FMP, I was searching for colours...


3 Mar 2012


I'm a great blogger!

Early Wednesday morning I was finding myself feeling sick... and ended up being sick most of Wednesday. So from Wednesday to Thursday I was sick, weak and feeling sorry for myself. Friday I got back on my feet and went to college, got picked up from college and then the Deans and I went to the Victoria and Albert museum for a couple of hours and grabbed a sandwich/toastie at Pret A Manager. It was a good Friday and a tiring one.

I realize that it has been ages since I have updated you on any of my projects as for Joy Division and my FMP, so that will be coming up ASAP.
What's written in the centre was referred to me. On the 3rd February I started making mini portfolios for the universities that had requested one!

Going back in time on the 1st February my wall area looked like this. Most people have mood boards hanging as inspiration for their FMP, but as I am on a 'save the planet'-mission I'm refusing to print out different images for each week! The bizarre grey cotton and calio thing, is a half a dress...

Good weekend out there!