10 Mar 2012

Final Major Project #5

Just found this brilliant app on App Store called Picture Collage Maker Lite, where I just made the above collage, so much easier than trying to do it on Photoshop, as it has templates and its easy to add or delete photo frames!
And when you select which photos you want to use you can just click "auto refill" and it chooses the photos for you! Absolutely brilliant!! Its going to save me so much time!
What do you think? Yes or no?

Anyway back to the images, I have started to toile one of my designs.
I've been thinking a lot lately about sharing my college work, as someone who is also applying to the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools, Architecture, Design and Conservation School of Design, also known as the Danish Design School, said that she didn't want to post her illustrations, as they are the main focus in her portfolio, she's scared that someone might steal her work!
I mean is that totally bonkers to think like that? Perhaps I'm a bit naive when it comes to things like that, I enjoy sharing my work after all. On the other hand I don't have far as many readers as she does, so perhaps I can't really put myself in her shoes, cause I've got no clue what its like and she is hugely admired by her readers... and keeps coming with statements, such as you: I'm really flattered that you find my illustrations inspiring, but remember to find your own personal illustration style.

All I'm saying is don't steal my work! And if you do, you better not be applying for the same course at the same university as me!

Simply sharing the love here! ;)

Hope you are having a great weekend, primarily spending mine on sleeping, looking at blogs and doing some homework.


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