20 Sep 2011

Techniques #1

I have been discovering that my dress that I did last year, 1950's Summer Loving, has been to into a window display at the Aylesbury Shop on the inside windows. Just wanted to show it, probably already seen this dress a few times. But our dear Creative Director, kind of makes a big deal about having students stuff in the Shop. So I'm proud, which I honestly must say doesn't happen that frequently.
In my Printed Accessories I was asked to bring in an Illustration that would inspire me, as I would either have to copy it or get inspired by it to make my arkepak (I've clearly spelt this material wrong, but have absolutely no idea of how to spell it...) illustration, that will be used as a test print at some stage (next week). The artist is called Tadaomi Shibuya.


15 Sep 2011

Grey Gardens #2

Grey Gardens Project; Back to Basics. 
As the headline says we went back to basics in construction this week. Playing around with reconstruction a basic bodice block on the stand, I was working with Siân, thats the girl you can see in the second picture. This was done yesterday.

I must admit that its Siân that is more into the 50's kind of style compared to me. When we did the 1950's summer loving last year, I thought it was a nightmare! But hey ho, the important thing here was to find out the endless possibilities that you could do with a basic block. And we even might find it easier to experiment and come up with designs, by doing this, compared to sketching it out.

Talking about sketching the reason why these images look like this, is because I played around the the features on Photobucket, and I think it looks quite cool, the effects totally works for what course I'm doing! Haha, honestly I did it to compensate for the ridiculously bad quality of my cellphone camera! The first two images I have used the 'thin' effect and the last three images I have used the 'thick' sketch effect, otherwise you weren't able to see the details on the pattern paper.

Today we were working on darts and stitching samples - regarding to the samples, I think that its a right pain in the back side, considering we did a least eight really good ones, in the last 5 weeks of our first year - so now we have to redo most of them.. Learning how to pivot the dart was a great thing to learn and our teacher, Emma, even gave us a handy link, just in case if we were interested to look at other basic pattern alterations. I'm going to be ever so kind, because I'm going to share this link with you guys, just in case you were curious: lutube.leeds.ac.uk

Sorry for the late post, but the amount of work that I have to do for college is madness and we haven't even started yet. Okay so of it might have been my own fault because I got carried away. Like printing out 100 photos in the size of 9 x 13 cm (that should be about right?) - lets just make it clear I am not exaggerating(!), cutting them out and putting them into a A5 black journal, that seriously STINKS, because of some weird glue, since the outside is made of faux leather. I did this, because we are supposed to be preparing for our final major projects, that starts in December or otherwise it is after christmas.

Well better stop now, before this becomes to long and dreadful, which it probably already is! Haha!

Sleep well, to all you that must be behind the screens!


13 Sep 2011

Grey Gardens #1

September 2011.
Grey Gardens Project; Introduction. 
First day back at college! Can you believe it?
Can't figure out if those 10 weeks went quick or slow, perhaps more along the lines that the days went slow, but the whole 10 weeks has gone rather fast.

Today was more an intro day, meet our teachers - Emma (Construction), Allison (Head of Retail - Form Tutor), Will (Digital) and Penny (Print). Some I new, some I didn't. Just to make it clear, I have chosen to do the Fashion side of things rather than the Retail side.

First term will be all about our first project in Construction its called Grey Gardens; the assignment descriptions goes:

Using research based on the film Grey Gardens and the internet through searching for images and articles, compile a series of research pages.

Use these pages to make a mood board about your response to Grey Gardens and then use this to inform your design work when you will design a capsule collection of 18 outfits which would imagine Little Edie wearing if she were alive today.

Little Edie's great dream was always to leave Grey Gardens and move to the city. What would she have designed to take with her?

"My costumes? That's a protest against having worked as a model for the Establishment, believe it or not. A lot of models feel that way. Sometimes their lives are protests against having worked as models. Besides, I didn't have time taking care of mother to get out and buy many clothes. So I used what was left of mine and mother's in the attic." - Little Edie

Keeping the essence of her style and using your own response to the evocative images presented here.

Your research can be rough pages, your mood board must be digital bot paper and your final 18 illustrations must also be digital not paper.

We also got a whole lot of other information but won't bore you with that yet!