17 Dec 2010

Maison Martin Margiela

Maison Martin Margiela inspired dress that I made in Construction. 


13 Dec 2010

Digital #2


This is basically what happens, when you tell your classmates, I need some help, something inspiring, artistic, creative and you can do what ever you like... and this is the result;

Hope you had a great weekend!


20 Nov 2010

Digital #1

This was my first real project in Digital, I had to create a media page, but i decided to make two.. Heh, I don't know why - it seems like I'm always doing more work than I am supposed to, but I couldn't choose between the two of them, so I decided to hand them both in which turned out to be a good idea ;-)
Which one do you prefer?
Both illustrations are drawn by me, btw, the dresses are from Comme Des Garcons.

Have a good weekend!


18 Nov 2010

Resin #1


This post is going to contain pictures from the subject: Contemporary Accessories, the things that you are going to see are made of resin, and it probably looks slightly odd in your eyes, but yeah that is what we're doing at the moment, when the final project is finished I'll make sure to post it here on the blog, but this is just some experiments:
 I have used a lemon and a lime as a mould for my resin
Hm, sorry for the blurry picture, but the black thing in the middle, is the head of a legoman :-)

So the big one is the lemon with the legoman in it and the small one is the lime. And the girl in the background is a classmate; Cherokee. 

So the final result of the project is going to be a necklace and perhaps a brooch, but who knows if it's actually gonna be these two things that are going to be used...


17 Nov 2010

Bye Bye Queen Mother #5

Jame Reid x Malcolm McLaren Project; Final outcome. 
  1. When you get a nice message from Julie saying, check out the blog! The girl hasn't been blogging for ages, and bam the layout has been changed... again! Seriously we haven't even had the blog for a year and how many times has it changes? Oh well at least she did a good job! ;)
  2. When you offered to take your cousin to the dentist. And while waiting for her on the High Street, where you have put all your things down in the meanwhile, to rest the poor shoulders and arms. See her, grab supposedly all your things up, realize 10 minutes later that you DIDN'T pick up your camera, run down and BAM it's gone! Why Hannah why?
  3. I'm full of adventures so after the dentist I go down to the police station and file my camera as lost property...
  4. When you have to take an exam in reading comprehension in your second language..
  5. When you actually finish your shoulder piece for contemporary accessories, but don't have a proper camera to take pictures :( But thank god for phones with camera?
  6. When you make this blog post for the second time, because the internet decided to crash!
  7. When you realized last week that the battery in your clock doesn't work, but because of habit you wear it and look at it and think why is it 15:30 all the time?? DOH!
  8. When you probably know that you should ALWAYS proof read you posts, but just really can't be assed.
So good night and sleep tight out there, see you soon!


14 Nov 2010

Maison Martin Margiela #2

Part one is going to be about a project that we unfortunately haven't finished yet, it was supposed to be a 6 weeks project, but now the college have extended it to a 10 week one... not good, but luckily it wasn't us students that asked for the extension, actually we would rather not be continuing the project and just move on to the next one, but hey, that's life I guess ;-)


1 Oct 2010

Maison Martin Margiella #1

Now the case is that I'm actually doing this in the wrong order, hope you can bare with me...

Last week we got told what our 4-5 week project is. It is based on Maison Martin Margiela who is a famous designer, which I've never heard of before I got told that I needed to do some research on him. That was probably a good idea.. The course has been so lucky to get the opportunity to work with one of the Margiela pattern. The task is to remodel it, so it would become our own design, but inspired by the Margiela techniques... One thing is that I'm not really facinated by the stuff he does. It's interesting in some ways, but it just doesn't appeal to me unfortunally. Although I do like the idea of being an anoymous designer, which he was. And when his identity was revealed he chose to resign.
Anyway I'll let you scroll through the pictures, I know it doesn't look of much and it really isn't... But the whole point of this exercise was to 'play' with the fabrics and just get inspired...
Have a good weekend!!!