18 Nov 2010

Resin #1


This post is going to contain pictures from the subject: Contemporary Accessories, the things that you are going to see are made of resin, and it probably looks slightly odd in your eyes, but yeah that is what we're doing at the moment, when the final project is finished I'll make sure to post it here on the blog, but this is just some experiments:
 I have used a lemon and a lime as a mould for my resin
Hm, sorry for the blurry picture, but the black thing in the middle, is the head of a legoman :-)

So the big one is the lemon with the legoman in it and the small one is the lime. And the girl in the background is a classmate; Cherokee. 

So the final result of the project is going to be a necklace and perhaps a brooch, but who knows if it's actually gonna be these two things that are going to be used...


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