Hello and welcome to my webpage!

My name is Hannah Kim Ford and I'm a Danish Brit, aged 19, fashion design student at Middlesex University currently living in London. I have a triple distinction* in Fashion & Retail (BTEC Extended Diploma), I specialised in Womenswear Fashion Design for my second year and I have some previous experience within the industry as well. 

I've been thinking about making this webpage for a while now, as I was frustrated with the idea of attaching my portfolio as PDF-file every time I sent of an application. After some brainstorming with some fellow students and tutors, it was suggested that a webpage would be the perfect solution. 
As I'm a student living away from family and friends (the dearest are located in Denmark), I've had previous experience in blogging to keep them up-to-date - and this will be the purpose of this page too. 

Under the different tabs; you will be able to browse through my portfolio, as well as some of my best previous projects, if you want to get an even clearer idea about what sort of designer that I am - and how my design style is changing over time, as I develop into a more experienced designer. Under "The Fashion Slave Journal" you can follow my journey through different internships. 

Feel free to explore the page and get in side my head to see whats going on with my current projects - it'll be as if though you're taking the journey with me!

If you should be interested in collaborating with some design ideas, or find anything you like that I have designed, please let me know and I'm sure we can sort something out! 

Looking forward to hearing from you.