23 Apr 2013

Emily Lawrence x Hannah Kim Ford

Credits: Georgina Nyan, find her on Twitter

Here's the final result of Emily and I's MoDA Obsession project. A collection of two outfits, it was an interesting project, we had very different approaches to the project and it was interesting to see how our ideas could come together and create something new - and I have a new found respect towards textile students, there is so much work and craftsmanship in what they are able to create. And on top of that they are also learning a lot of what the Fashion Design students are learning, so all the pattern cutting etc. on top of creating actual textiles! Gosh! 


22 Apr 2013

MoDA Obession Show!

We ended up having our fashion show at The Cuban in Camden on the 20th of March 2013.
So here's the result of 3 months of hard work from a collaborative project between BA Fashion and BA Fashion and Textile Middlesex University students! Enjoy the show.

Filmed and edited by Danny Kasirye: http://dannykasirye.com


15 Apr 2013

Making Time!

I think this is my favourite stage of the whole process, seeing the idea becoming a reality. When you have spent 2 months researching, designing and developing your ideas, there's something thrilling lifting the idea from 2D and transforming it in to a 3D object. 

I always seem to get surprised that simple designs turn into a pattern cutting challenge. Simple designs, are not simple to create! Especially not when you are going through a phase of loving panels. 

The MoDA project was probably one of the most stressful projects that I have ever worked on.
As I signed up to be a student rep I also had the task of planning a fashion show with the fellow student reps from the other classes, so juggling that and doing the actual project at the same time, proved to be quite the challenge. Especially considering the circumstances of not having a budget for the show, as in there was no funding from the university and it had to be an of campus location. 
Let's just say that it's an experience that I'm not going to forget anytime soon! 


8 Apr 2013


Design work for the MoDA Project, showing sketches from both Emily Lawrence and I - as it was a collaborative project. All the artwork is done by Emily as she is a textile student, so she's been developing ideas for prints and weave designs.