31 Dec 2012

Lady Gaga Craze

Have you checked out The ABC of Fashion London lately? Recently it has been all about Lady Gaga and her Little Monsters, talking about it turning into a subculture of our age! 


30 Dec 2012

Preparing Myself Mentally

After the second fitting it was time to pull myself together, double check my fabric samples, be sure of my decision of material, taking in the advise of Paul and Aya. Wanting to use two different fabrics, deciding which fabric should be used where - and then there's the buttons... and even though the fabric had to be white cotton and the buttons had to be white as well, there is still surprisingly a wide range of choice, when trotting around the shops of London. 

See you on the other side! 


29 Dec 2012

Second Fitting

Admittedly I have been of the earth the last month, everything has been crazy busy and the blog has been neglected to beyond belief. But I have lots of stuff to share with you now. 

I had my second fitting on the December 3rd! This is the third sample of this shirt, as my second sample got ripped to pieces (not literally) by Paul (design tutor), so 3 days before having this fitting I was cutting out my pattern pieces for my third toile. That put me on a trail, because I had no idea if I would be able to finish a shirt in that amount of time,  considering that I have other lessons to attend to, turned about that I just about could! Thank heavens for that!

It turned out to be worth the stress and hassle, as there were only one or two things that I needed to change, which were minor things!