28 Jun 2012

End of Year Show - Saying Goodbye

Invite for the preview night. 
Waddesdon Manor. 
Me fixing the the final touches on the mannequin.
Grey Gardens Dress. 
Final Major Project garments. 
Having a chat with the retail girls, last change to talk about our two years at Aylesbury College. Who knows when we'll meet again.
One of those types that doesn't enjoy photographes too much, when I'm the focal point. 

Alison Cheveralls, our form tutor made the evening happen, she planned all this, picked out the best piece that we (students) have created through the past two years. 
Although she did try to stick to a colour scheme - dark shades... 

That's it for Aylesbury College, it all over and done with and I can't believe how quickly it has gone.
It's been an interesting journey with ups and downs, challenges and victories, with laughs and a few tears, mean faces and happy faces. All in all a time to remember and it wouldn't have been the same if it wasn't for the people that were involved! So bit shout out to Ali, Emma and Penny, which made the last year worthwhile!


Putting A Smile on Your Face

I love spending my Wednesday evening with Risborough Beavers! They're such great kids!


27 Jun 2012

First Order

The reason why there's two images of the front, is because this more reflects the true colour of the jacket - BLACK. Whereas above and below is comes of more brown, but it's hard to capture the colour and the detail in the same shot, especially with a white background as the contrasts are too big.

Apparently my construction tutor, Emma, really like my Final Major Project jacket, so she asked me if I could make one for her, as I had a spare couple of weeks before college actually ended. 
I was so proud and extremely flattered so I said yes! Although she asked if we could do minor alterations, such as two sleeves the same length, instead of four, and the asymmetry to less dramatic and without the trimmings. Emma also pick the black wool, as she wanted to wear it for fall/winter, instead of the blue soya jersey. I like the fact that we still kept to the natural materials.
I'm really pleased with the outcome and hopefully so is Emma, now I want one myself, better save up for the wool though, as that can be quite expensive!


22 Jun 2012

Sydney Habour Bridge @ Aylesbury College Shop

Here are my scarfs presented at the Aylesbury College Shop, sold for £30 each! Screen printed silk scarfs, each with their own individual design!


Graduate Fashion Week #5

That's it for Graduate Fashion Week this year, maybe I'll be lucky enough to get the opportunity to go next year too. And maybe, just maybe I might be good enough to present my own collection there in the future. 
How you enjoyed the photos, perhaps a bit overkill with so many, but I've cut down a great deal, only the best for you guys! 


20 Jun 2012

Final Major Project #25

"Hidden Place" from Hannah Ford on Vimeo.

This is the short film that I ended up making for the project. Unfortunately the V&A didn't end up being the location, as they couldn't do it on the date that I wanted  - and as I was nearing the deadline I couldn't afford to be flexible. So I ended up back at college in the hub, with my hand hold camera (Olympus ZX-1), my garments and Ellie the model!
I think the result is pretty good considering the circumstances, Ellie had to change up her whole dance rutine in an extremely short period of time, as her original rutine was set up for the V&A (we honestly thought we had it in the bag!). 

Feel free to share your thoughts!


Graduate Fashion Week #4

All photos taken by me with Olympus ZX-1. 


18 Jun 2012

Turmeric & Scarfs

Not too long ago I posted a post where I was playing with turmeric, here's the result, how amazing is that colour?

I was asked by my print tutor if I wanted to recreate my Sydney Habour Bridge scarfs, to put in the Aylesbury College Shop to sell. I thought why not, that's a great opportunity! Here's the first three... 


Graduate Fashion Week #3

All photos taken by me with Olympus ZX-1.

17 Jun 2012

Final major Project #24

Just a few photos that I took of Ellie wearing the final garments. 
I'll post the film soon, then perhaps the theme of the photos are a bit more understandable. 
What do you think?