27 Jun 2012

First Order

The reason why there's two images of the front, is because this more reflects the true colour of the jacket - BLACK. Whereas above and below is comes of more brown, but it's hard to capture the colour and the detail in the same shot, especially with a white background as the contrasts are too big.

Apparently my construction tutor, Emma, really like my Final Major Project jacket, so she asked me if I could make one for her, as I had a spare couple of weeks before college actually ended. 
I was so proud and extremely flattered so I said yes! Although she asked if we could do minor alterations, such as two sleeves the same length, instead of four, and the asymmetry to less dramatic and without the trimmings. Emma also pick the black wool, as she wanted to wear it for fall/winter, instead of the blue soya jersey. I like the fact that we still kept to the natural materials.
I'm really pleased with the outcome and hopefully so is Emma, now I want one myself, better save up for the wool though, as that can be quite expensive!


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