22 Feb 2013

Working In The Studio

Hey, I found a spare moment in the library to update you on my current project: MoDA Obsession. I'm waiting for Phoenix to finish her seminar and after that we're going on a secret mission!

Here are some pictures from the other day, as I'm not working from my laptop I don't have all the pictures on me - so instead of showing what I've been working on, I thought it would be fun to some of the others work! (Hope they wont get upset, as they don't know about it!)

Actually I've worked on this with my partner Emily, we're currently trying to find out how to place a zip into a curve, which is turning out to be easier than we thought, its still not perfected to the standard that Paul (design tutor) wants, but he seemed slightly surprised, as he's be telling me all a long that its not possible. Im determined to prove him wrong!

Here's Erin, she's probably going to hate me for this, she was not keen on me taken her photo! Hence the blurriness of the image. She's been working on her prototype of her design, see below for the sketch of her design. Erin is a little genius when it comes to sewing! She helped pin my collar onto my jacket, so I could sew it - pictures coming up soon! Erin is in my class, so she's studying fashion design as well!

This is Rose, she's always so happy and cheery. Rose is studying Fashion and Textile and she's a pattern cutting master! She literally knows everything! She pattern cut and sewed her own freaking gloves! I'm telling that takes skill!

Rose has been working on these leggings, don't be frightened by the colour combination! It's just a toile  (prototype). But look at all those panels! 

Feel free to share your thoughts on our work! 


21 Feb 2013

The Danes Are in Town!

These two lovely girls have been spending the past three days here in London. Its been great to see some friendly faces from back home (Denmark). Ah I've missed them, 4.5 months without seeing them face to face. 

So this week I've been juggling uni (which as included prep for fitting, fitting, fashion show planning and a Generic Fashion lesson) and showing Mia and Julie around London. Monday we trotted around the shops and had a takeaway from Itsu and spend the evening chatting away in their hotel room. Tuesday, they spend the day site-seeing all the touristy places, in the afternoon we met up in Camden Town, had a meal at The Windmill (if you want good pies... GO!) on Savile Row and came back to Colindale so they could see where I live. Yesterday (Wednesday), Julie and Mia did some more shopping and checked out the theatre  show prices, which turned out to be too pricy. We met at Oxford Circus and walked around Soho and China Town, walked to Picadilly and jumped on the tube to Knightsbridge to see Harrods, checking out the designer accessories section to see wether or not they stocked a Michael Kors watch that Julie wanted. Then back to Picadilly to pick up some food we could eat at the hotel. Some more catching up - and they showed all the things that they had bought - lots and lots of Primark! 

Today at 9am they'll be on their way out of London and heading back to Copenhagen. 
Thanks for a good few days!


PS. I'll be updating you guys on the projects ASAP. 

5 Feb 2013


It's been 3 weeks since I did my last post! Slacker... But this MoDA Obsessions project is driving me to the ground, hence the lack of posting, because the massive pile of work that I've needed to do. 'Obsessive' amounts of research and 50 designs with fronts and backs, plus the they needed to be coloured, presented with thumbnail images of where our inspiration cames from. Gluing and sticking is time consuming! And you feel my exhaustion? On top of that as a student rep, I'm also currently planning a fashion show with my fellow student reps. Planning a fashion show with no funding seems to be a bit of a challenge. 
Oh no, us students love to work for free for other companies (when we're doing internships), but do they want to work for free for the students? I don't think so! 
We haven't given up yet, surprisingly we are looking at the whole situation fairly positively - so that's good news. 

Back to the drawings. We've been doing extra sessions, now that the second years are on a placement, the tutors have found some spare time. And to be fair we've been complaining about not having illustration lessons, so kudos to them for listening to us (that's almost a miracle) . We've been doing different exercises - and to be quite frank, I'm WAY out of my comfort zone! It's okay, you're allowed to laugh at my drawings, I wont take any offense, beside I have excepted the fact that it's just not one of my talents. 
I know, I know, I could just practice, because practice makes perfect, but to be honest I'm just not that bothered. Once again, you might think I'm a slacker! 

Hope you're all well. I feel better now that I've handed in my work for an assessment. I was in the library yesterday from 12:00 am till 2:00 am this morning. Got to bed at 3:00 am and had four hours sleep... 
Commitment! Although you might sake your head at me, you haven't met the super heroes of the library; Rose, Phoenix, Mars and Erin - these girls stayed all night, they stayed right up till the hand-in at 9am this morning! Plus Phoenix then sat in the atrium with me and the other student reps and had a 2 hour long meeting! She deserve a medal and an applause!