29 Sep 2012

Moving in...

Monday was the big day, as that was the day that I moved into halls, Platt Halls to be specific. Although this day I only moved in all my stuff and got myself unpacked, as well as I could. My rooms is an en-suite, quite small, but its alright. 
I officially moved in on Wednesday, as I wanted to spend the last couple of days with my Dad, before he jumped on the plane back to Denmark. 
He came over to help me move in and sort some other bits and pieces out. Thank you for all your help Dad! 

So now I've been here in Colindale for a couple of days, met my flatmates (they are super friendly and easy to chat with, we're 6 girls in total), explored the area a bit, but currently waiting for my Oyester card to come through, so I can explore the rest of London. 
There have been a couple of social gatherings as well. 
Yesterday we had a Welcome Fete for all the students that had moved into halls, great opportunity to get some free food and learn about things that are connected to the university. 

On Monday induction or freshers week start and I'm really excited to get started. 
We've already been given a challenge, a little summer project as they call it. Although Middlesex's MyUniHub hasn't made it easy to find anything. So if it wasn't for one of my flatmates I wouldn't even have known about it! 
Just proves that its so important that you are a member of all the right facebook pages!  Haha how ridiculous! But come on, they're not even easy to find!


13 Sep 2012

Side Project

 As you know I'm working on the dress for Julie, I decided to use some of the scrap material to create a top in the same style as the dress for Julie. I might be a bit tricky to see the details, as black mannequin and black top doesn't make it easy to see the contrasts! 
Lets hope she likes it! 


11 Sep 2012

A Sketch of A Dress

While I'm still slowly working on the dress, I thought I'd show you a quick line drawing of the design. 


9 Sep 2012

Kitchen Studio

When you're no longer working in a studio you have to find alternatives, when you own bedroom is too small to even have patternpaper laying on the floor. So I transformed my parents kitchen island into a workspace. One of my dear friends Julie asked my kindly if I could make her a gala dress, some might call it prom, but since it's for a college due and the way Julie described the event, I think the more appropriate word is "gala". Anyway people keep telling me that I've got all this time, and I'm doing nothing with my life, so I might as keep busy these last few weeks, before I move back to England. 

Julie had a very clear vision for her dress, which makes my job easy. She wanted something elegant, with a deep draped back, reasonably high neckline at the front and floor length. We've been discussing material quite a lot, but once again Julie had quite a clear vision, nothing shiny or something that screams cliché gala dress materials (silk, satin, taffeta etc.), so we've ended up with a luxurious Viscose Jersey in black. 

So far the biggest challenge making this dress has been creating the pattern, as I haven't been able to locate any basic blocks here in Denmark or anywhere online that looks trustworthy. 
So I brought a basic maxi dress block from Stof & Stil (a Danish fabric store), and altered it from there, which turned out to be a trickier than expected. 

Hopefully I'll be able to show you the final result soon!


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