28 May 2011


PLAY - aka Performing Arts Project; Final Collection line-up. 
So here is my final collection line-up for the Performing Arts project (in Construction+Contextual), you have already seen the final outcome. And I would love to show you the clothe on the actual Performing Arts students, but I don't want to publish their faces without their consent and honestly I'm a bit boring like that, cause don't really feel like asking them...

So truthfully I didn't continue working on it last night, cause I really just couldn't be bothered, needed some time to relax and reflect over.. well.. homework! What a surprise.
So I heard from Julie - hello Facebook, so the reason why she has been so absent is she really can't figure out how to use photobucket, and of course she wants to upload some pics. So I'll try and explain it to her again, otherwise sorry guys you'll have to wait till I come home for the summer!

Back to homework then!

How has your Saturday been so far? :)


26 May 2011

Tribal #4

May 2011.
Tribal - Retail; Final Window Marquette.  

25 May 2011


PLAY - aka Performing Arts; Step by Step. 

 Big oversized red hood. 
Patchwork jacket and spraypainted shirt with hood. In case you were wondering, that it me... 
Patchwork hood. 
Batwing jacket with patchwork hoody, inside out jacket, with acrylic ink, electric tape and spray paint. 


24 May 2011

Bye Bye Queen Mother #3

Jamie Reid x Malcolm McLaren Project; Step by Step.
Mud... Mud and acrylic paint...  Mud and acrylic paint.... Paper leaf dipped in mud...

Solagn by Jamie Reid...
More leaves with mud...
Remember the post that I called "Teaser", well the initial idea was that I was supposed to be finished with my final outcome this week and it sort of didn't happen. Why? For some reason I ALWAYS design things that are too complicated and I have absolutely no idea about how time consuming things can be. Hopefully in the near future I'll learn... hopefully...

18 May 2011


Play - aka Performing Arts. 

WARNING! If you do not like complaining do NOT read any further!

Today has been a hard day. Group work is almost hell to me, especially with these guys. Nick is a drama queen and almost made me cry today! Can you believe it, just cause he's trying to save his own ass and I go and screw it up for him and then he tells me to SHUT UP! With added attitude. The worst part though was that the teacher didn't even help me out (she was in the same conversation, oh wait who am I kidding, lets say discussion!), she just let that little worm get his way! Every time she tries to tell him of, he will come with some excuse with why it is unfair!

So the thing is our teacher thought that the rest of the group were copping out, because they all said lets just go with Hannah's designs. Today the teacher said: "Oh no, you can't do that, I won't except your work if you only hand in outfits that has been designed by Hannah" That's when hell broke loose. Don't really feel like going into great detail. But lets just say that my day wasn't great and I didn't get much support from my teacher, which I'm quite disappointed about.

The day (at college) has been so stressful, disappointing and upsetting.

I fell asleep on the bus, because I was so tired! Came home, gave my auntie and uncle a happy anniversary card, eat some chinese food, looked at some blogs and now half and half watching telly and blogging of course! Oh and drinking hot chocolate. So tired now, could fall asleep!

Hope you've had a better day! If you had, what did you do today?


17 May 2011

Bye Bye Queen Mother #1

Malcolm McLaren x Jamie Reid Project.

Jep this is what I did with one book "The Queen Mother", some acrylic paint, pencil, water (to mix the acrylic up so it wasn't so thick) and a hair dryer, to dry the pages a bit quicker. So this was my mini project Saturday morning. I will be using it as a journal.

To be continued...


Bye Bye Queen Mother #2

Malcom McLaren x Jamie Reid Project; Teaser. 

Not to sure what is going on with Photobucket, because the top photo isn't in the right dimensions! Damn you Photobucket! Anyway, just wanted to post these photos as a teaser, this is what I was playing around with in Contemporary Accessories, a follow up will come, when at some point in the future, hopefully with be finished...


16 May 2011

Paper Head Piece #3

Paper Head Piece Project. 
Her er det saa det laenge ventede Paper Head Piece som jeg har snakket om, jeg blev faerdig med det i gaar, men kan allerede i dag, se at der er noget jeg lige skal have fikset. I den forstand at nogle af hammerne allerede er faldet af, saa jeg altsaa lige dinde den ulitmative loesning til hvordan de forbandede hammere ville sidde fast. Ikke fordi der er noget jeg har spekuleret paa i uge vis, men uheldigvis og tydeligvis ikke fundet den perkfekte loesning endnu. Problemet er saa bare at jeg rent faktisk fortalte den kreative direktoer at jeg var faedrig og ikke laengere havde brug for mere tid til at faerdig goere det. Hm, det viser sig at jeg har tget fejl. Men, men, heh, saa fraek og snug som man nu har lov til at vaere, ved jeg med sikkerhed at jeg skal tage nogle billeder af den i dag til min portfolio, saa faar jeg lige en chance for at faa fisket det, inden jeg tager billederne.

Smart hva'? Okay, ved godt det ikke lige tager en genial mand til at regne den ud, men da jeg har saa meget at taeke paa for tiden, er jeg nu alligevel ret gald for at jeg lige fik den tanke.

Jeg kommer tilbage senere i dag, med de billeder jeg lovede jer, med hensyn til den bog jeg var i gang med at forvandle.

Og grunden til at jeg ikke skriver paa engelsk, er at jeg pt sidder paa college og har en halvanden times pause og her er nogle meget nysgerrie mennesker. Og jeg beklager meget hvis jeg har lavet en hel masse stavefejl, men af en eller anden grund saa virker stavekontrolen paa blogger.com ikke her paa college.. Maah..

Ha' en alletiders tirsdag mennesker!


12 May 2011

Tribal #3

Tribal - Vivienne Westwood Project

Sorry for being so absent these that few days, but is it just me or has blogger.com not really work the last few days? Anyway that can be beside the point now. And the headline doesn't make any sense at all, but I simply couldn't find anything that would match and doh it's early in the morning.

So another picture of me playing around with how my window display should look like. I have taken a decision that this will be the concept of loads of banners, now I just need to find out where to place them, so it looks beautiful and harmonized.

Yesterday I spend the day on public transport, Oxford and Thame. The reason why I mention public transport is because it takes me around 2 hours to get to Oxford on public transport and bike, commitment I'm telling you. I had to go to the orthodontist to get my braces tighten, mmh, yeah they are definitely sore now. After my appointment I was charity shop hunting, as a needed a book in a reasonably size, loads of children books, acrylic paint, paint brush and leather belts. All because I'm currently working on that Contemporary Accessories project that I was talking about the other day. And as I couldn't get everything I needed I took the bus and went to Thame, my lord they have loads of charity shops! Do you every get that feeling, where you feel bad for going into a charity shop and leaving with nothing??? I do, I feel like I should be buying something, as it goes to a good cause... If you're lucking I can probably post some photos of what I will be up to today later.

So what have you been up to these past few days? And what are your plans for the weekend?


11 May 2011


Play - aka Performing Arts Project
Ink and acrylic.
 Ink, acrylic, water, mess.

So this is what I spend most of my day doing, argh wait, that is actually not true, but thus was the more enjoyable part. Otherwise I have been chasing my dear group members to do some work. Our models weren't there (the performing arts students), there had been an accident and they were all sent home. For God sake, sometimes I really think that the unseen forces the are testing me all the time. I know that this must sound slightly strange, but these days the first thing I do when I come into a classroom/studio is to take my shoes of! Why? Because is makes me feel more calm. In some weird way I feel more earth bound and I don't stress out as quickly. Nick, Cherokee and Daisy should have been pleased, because for once I didn't have a hissy fit at them today. 

Anyway shouldn't really be sharing all my negative thoughts, because then you will be receiving negative energy. 

But hey one of my best friends are chatting to me over msn and just making everything a little but better :)

It's actually hard multitasking - blogging, National Movie Award, chatting and following a conversation with the family. 

Hope you guys have had a good day!