18 May 2011


Play - aka Performing Arts. 

WARNING! If you do not like complaining do NOT read any further!

Today has been a hard day. Group work is almost hell to me, especially with these guys. Nick is a drama queen and almost made me cry today! Can you believe it, just cause he's trying to save his own ass and I go and screw it up for him and then he tells me to SHUT UP! With added attitude. The worst part though was that the teacher didn't even help me out (she was in the same conversation, oh wait who am I kidding, lets say discussion!), she just let that little worm get his way! Every time she tries to tell him of, he will come with some excuse with why it is unfair!

So the thing is our teacher thought that the rest of the group were copping out, because they all said lets just go with Hannah's designs. Today the teacher said: "Oh no, you can't do that, I won't except your work if you only hand in outfits that has been designed by Hannah" That's when hell broke loose. Don't really feel like going into great detail. But lets just say that my day wasn't great and I didn't get much support from my teacher, which I'm quite disappointed about.

The day (at college) has been so stressful, disappointing and upsetting.

I fell asleep on the bus, because I was so tired! Came home, gave my auntie and uncle a happy anniversary card, eat some chinese food, looked at some blogs and now half and half watching telly and blogging of course! Oh and drinking hot chocolate. So tired now, could fall asleep!

Hope you've had a better day! If you had, what did you do today?


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