28 May 2011


PLAY - aka Performing Arts Project; Final Collection line-up. 
So here is my final collection line-up for the Performing Arts project (in Construction+Contextual), you have already seen the final outcome. And I would love to show you the clothe on the actual Performing Arts students, but I don't want to publish their faces without their consent and honestly I'm a bit boring like that, cause don't really feel like asking them...

So truthfully I didn't continue working on it last night, cause I really just couldn't be bothered, needed some time to relax and reflect over.. well.. homework! What a surprise.
So I heard from Julie - hello Facebook, so the reason why she has been so absent is she really can't figure out how to use photobucket, and of course she wants to upload some pics. So I'll try and explain it to her again, otherwise sorry guys you'll have to wait till I come home for the summer!

Back to homework then!

How has your Saturday been so far? :)


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