29 Sep 2012

Moving in...

Monday was the big day, as that was the day that I moved into halls, Platt Halls to be specific. Although this day I only moved in all my stuff and got myself unpacked, as well as I could. My rooms is an en-suite, quite small, but its alright. 
I officially moved in on Wednesday, as I wanted to spend the last couple of days with my Dad, before he jumped on the plane back to Denmark. 
He came over to help me move in and sort some other bits and pieces out. Thank you for all your help Dad! 

So now I've been here in Colindale for a couple of days, met my flatmates (they are super friendly and easy to chat with, we're 6 girls in total), explored the area a bit, but currently waiting for my Oyester card to come through, so I can explore the rest of London. 
There have been a couple of social gatherings as well. 
Yesterday we had a Welcome Fete for all the students that had moved into halls, great opportunity to get some free food and learn about things that are connected to the university. 

On Monday induction or freshers week start and I'm really excited to get started. 
We've already been given a challenge, a little summer project as they call it. Although Middlesex's MyUniHub hasn't made it easy to find anything. So if it wasn't for one of my flatmates I wouldn't even have known about it! 
Just proves that its so important that you are a member of all the right facebook pages!  Haha how ridiculous! But come on, they're not even easy to find!


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