1 Oct 2012

Update on JV Project

It's been while since I last gave you an update on what was going on with Julie's dress. A lot has been going on the last few weeks not just for me, but Julie has also been really busy. 

Initially I did a toile in calico of Julie's dress, but that didn't work about very well! Too small, so I decided to get some fairly cheap jersey, to get an idea of how the material would work with my design. This worked out better, not only because of the material, but also because I actually got around to take her measurements! 
Which actually weren't that far from the original patterns. 

Anyway these pictures are of Julie, wearing the toile in calico, were just doing her fittings. It was a little bit too big and the front neckline needed altering. 

As I was ordering the Luxury Viscose Jersey and checked out, I got an email couple of minutes later saying that the material was out of stock! And it would take a week for it to arrive instead of a 2 days. Which totally messed up the plan of having the dress ready for Julie before I returned back to England. 

On the Friday that I left, I was able to see the lovely Julie for 5 minutes and she quickly through on the dress, with the new alterations, and it was perfect, besides the ragged edges and the fact that I hadn't had the time to stich it together properly! 

Now I'm just waiting for my Mum to send over the material, and then I need to find out if  I have to go out and purchase a sewing machine or if its going to be possible to use the studios at the university in the weekend. Either way the dress is going to with Julie on the day she needs it! 


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