13 Oct 2012

Keep Smiling!

Don't you just love...
  1. Ringing Transport for London and complaining about not being able to log in, when it's really your own fault, because you didn't click on the Oyster 18+ section! Embarrassing! 
  2. Having to pay £8.70 for 3 stops and a return to Hampstead?!
  3. Locking yourself out of your own flat, because you forgot the keys, before you left... 
  4. Having to walk half an hour to the nearest Royal Mail Delivery Office?
  5. Then having to stand and wait for a good 15-20 minutes to get served, only to find out that you need to bring a photo ID to pick up your parcel?! Since when do you have to do that?!
  6. Going into a panic because you suddenly can't find your bag in Sainbury's only to find out that it's been hanging on your shoulder all the time... 
  7. Treating yourself to a hot chocolate, only to find out that you really struggle drinking from one of those take away cups, and spilling it half way down yourself... 
  8. Coming home from a rough morning and wanting to do the laundry, only to discover how much of a struggle it is to carry it all down there, just to find out that none of the machine are available. Damn Saturday lunchtime rushhour at the landurette! 
On a more postive note: don't you just love... 
  1. Getting your first internship within the first week of term at uni. 
  2. Getting the internship via Twitter!
  3. Having a good first week at uni. 
  4. The fact that Miss Magpie, which you've only spent a day with, wants to revamp your CV, because it "needs a bit of work". 
  5. That Miss Magpie says that I should put her down, as one of the people future employees can get a reference from if they find me interesting. 
How was your week? Anything to add to list?



  1. I did that with my coffee the other day! Always happens :)

  2. Stupid take-away coffee lids!