8 Oct 2012

First Day

My first day at Middlesex University. My first proper day with lectures and actual teaching, last week was a bit of an icebreaker project (the Treasure Trail in London). 
As I mentioned in the previous post we were also given our first project that actually counts for module points, it's called Shirt & Silhouette. 

Here's the introduction to the project: 
"The Silhouette of a garment or outfit is one of many aspects to fashion that you have to consider in your development to become a successful designer. This could be in relation to how a shoulder, a hip or any other area of the body could be remodelled to create a certain 'look'. 

Look at designers such as: Maison Martin Margiela, Comme Des Garcons, Viktor and Rold, Junya Watanabe, Gareth Pugh, Ann Demeulemeester, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Yohji Yamamoto... 

For this brief you should visit at least one of the buildings from the list of interesting architecture in and around London below. It is essential that you have initial research and responses to bring to your first design session during week one." 

I had a look at the Clapham Library, Lloyds Building, National Theatre and Serpentine Pavillon. Above are some of my research pages that I brought to my first design session today - I have about 20 pages that looks similar to these. 

So what did I think about my first day? 
I met at 2pm for my first design session (I have two on the same day), during my first session I got introduced to industrial sewing machines! Gosh, they are a bit agressive, it makes your heart race! We just went through some basic training with the sewing machine; how to thread it, sew straight lines and curved ones as well. 
Our technician was super sweet, bless her, she was a bit nervous and kept apologising for being a bit all over the place. 

During our second session we met up with Paul Rawson, he's our design lecturer. 
He's a bit of a funny one, you just don't know where you have him... Was kind of throwing the wibe of: 'I'm only here because I need the job' kind of thing. Didn't seem to bothered about given us much feedback on our work. 
Asked him if he was going to be honestly and blunt with us in the future, so we know realistically where we're standing. Paul said yes - no fussing about and just get straight to the point, apparently he's just easing us in the week, as its our first. We'll see... 

Tomorrow I don't have any lectures, but I'll be keeping myself busy for some more research for the project. Paul like collages and everything has to be printet out for each lesson, he wants to feel and touch and rip and cut. Nothing digital like I've been getting used to... I feel sorry for all the trees I'll be killing the next 3 years. 

Over and out.


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