11 Oct 2012

MAC LAB & Miss Magpie

Picture taken from: Miss Magpie Fashion Spy

Yesterday I had my first MAC LAB session and guess what, I have to make a blog! A new one, not allowed to carry on with this one... well I am, but just not regarding this project. We'll be doing different assignments related to this blog, for instance this week I have to visit some more shops and write shop reports on them all. 
To follow that project visit: THE ABC OF FASHION LONDON. At the moment there's not really much to the blog, but I'll give some TLC during the weekend. 

Sophie, my flatmate, who also has a blog, has been raving about getting a Twitter account. And follow all the right people. So I did spend a few minutes creating a Twitter account, took down the names Sophie suggested. A couple of days later I scored myself a ONE day internship with Miss Magpie Fashion Spy! Ha, can you imagine that?!
So today I spend the day with Niki Groom in her London Bridge studio. She was super sweet and it was great to get a little sneak peek into what it's like to be a freelance fashion designer. Niki even told me to stay in contact! Such an exciting day! 

Now I'm going to mentally prepare myself for a mega long day tomorrow filled with Fashion, Cultural, Contexts and Presentation. 


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