17 Nov 2010

Bye Bye Queen Mother #5

Jame Reid x Malcolm McLaren Project; Final outcome. 
  1. When you get a nice message from Julie saying, check out the blog! The girl hasn't been blogging for ages, and bam the layout has been changed... again! Seriously we haven't even had the blog for a year and how many times has it changes? Oh well at least she did a good job! ;)
  2. When you offered to take your cousin to the dentist. And while waiting for her on the High Street, where you have put all your things down in the meanwhile, to rest the poor shoulders and arms. See her, grab supposedly all your things up, realize 10 minutes later that you DIDN'T pick up your camera, run down and BAM it's gone! Why Hannah why?
  3. I'm full of adventures so after the dentist I go down to the police station and file my camera as lost property...
  4. When you have to take an exam in reading comprehension in your second language..
  5. When you actually finish your shoulder piece for contemporary accessories, but don't have a proper camera to take pictures :( But thank god for phones with camera?
  6. When you make this blog post for the second time, because the internet decided to crash!
  7. When you realized last week that the battery in your clock doesn't work, but because of habit you wear it and look at it and think why is it 15:30 all the time?? DOH!
  8. When you probably know that you should ALWAYS proof read you posts, but just really can't be assed.
So good night and sleep tight out there, see you soon!


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