1 Oct 2010

Maison Martin Margiella #1

Now the case is that I'm actually doing this in the wrong order, hope you can bare with me...

Last week we got told what our 4-5 week project is. It is based on Maison Martin Margiela who is a famous designer, which I've never heard of before I got told that I needed to do some research on him. That was probably a good idea.. The course has been so lucky to get the opportunity to work with one of the Margiela pattern. The task is to remodel it, so it would become our own design, but inspired by the Margiela techniques... One thing is that I'm not really facinated by the stuff he does. It's interesting in some ways, but it just doesn't appeal to me unfortunally. Although I do like the idea of being an anoymous designer, which he was. And when his identity was revealed he chose to resign.
Anyway I'll let you scroll through the pictures, I know it doesn't look of much and it really isn't... But the whole point of this exercise was to 'play' with the fabrics and just get inspired...
Have a good weekend!!!


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