3 Mar 2012


I'm a great blogger!

Early Wednesday morning I was finding myself feeling sick... and ended up being sick most of Wednesday. So from Wednesday to Thursday I was sick, weak and feeling sorry for myself. Friday I got back on my feet and went to college, got picked up from college and then the Deans and I went to the Victoria and Albert museum for a couple of hours and grabbed a sandwich/toastie at Pret A Manager. It was a good Friday and a tiring one.

I realize that it has been ages since I have updated you on any of my projects as for Joy Division and my FMP, so that will be coming up ASAP.
What's written in the centre was referred to me. On the 3rd February I started making mini portfolios for the universities that had requested one!

Going back in time on the 1st February my wall area looked like this. Most people have mood boards hanging as inspiration for their FMP, but as I am on a 'save the planet'-mission I'm refusing to print out different images for each week! The bizarre grey cotton and calio thing, is a half a dress...

Good weekend out there!


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