14 Mar 2012

10 Years of DANSK - A Decade of Danish Fashion

I meant posted a post about this exhibition on Monday, but ended up being busy with the orthodontist and printing out my portfolio! But better late than never!

This is another exhibition that I attended during my time back in Denmark in February. The exhibition was held at the Danish Design Center, which is probably most used as a conference center, than an exhibition space on a daily basis. But they do have a exhibition space where they showcase Danish design through out the decades, swing by if you've got time.

Back to 10 years of DANSK - a decade of Danish Fashion, it wasn't the biggest exhibition, but again not the smallest. I do think the space was used cleverly and they had some really cool pieces in there. I must admit though that one of my favourite Danish designers at the moment i Anne Sofie Madsen, which also had a few pieces in there, which got me really excited!

It's always good to be back in DK and get the opportunity to appreciate some good Danish design, don't see much of it over here, unless you know about of course.
But the likes of Peter Jensen, doesn't get recognised as a Danish designer, but is seen as a London based one. Well his studio is after all in London and he hasn't returned to DK ever since he moved to London to study at Central Saint Martins. So there you go the Danes looses their 'guldkorn', as the Danes would say, to there countries with more opportunities and a wider market....

Anyway enough said!


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