23 Mar 2012


Another week has almost gone by, with another round of lazy blogging. But as always I'm full of excuses. So rather than coming with excuses, I'll giving you some blogging!

First of all its been my intention to tell you about the Danish Design School Open Day;
Argh lets see if I can even remember now! Hm, the first things that pops to my mind was that the place was absolutely heaving and it was steaming hot! Have they ever heard if air condition? They gave you a thorough tour of the campus, the atmosphere at Holmen, is probably what I'm most drawn to, it just seems really inspiring to be there. Just like most places the tour guides aren't brilliant, because the people at the back end up not hearing a thing - and the student kept going the wrong way, which was a bit of a bummer.
Also I would like to mention the fact, that they don't make it easy for disabled people out there either!
The course talk, was good, but again their organizational skills, weren't great, we were originally supposed to be in a lecture theatre, but ended up standing/sitting in the students workspaces/studio, which wasn't ideal.
After that there was an opportunity to look at some of the students work and exchange a few words. Thought it was rather funny that one of the girls had been working on a project inspired by Japanese dressing, considering what I'm doing for my FMP.
From experience the students are actually the most worthwhile talking to, half the time the tutors seems a bit out of control - haha, not best impression!

Then my parents and I went to see the graduates exhibition and I must admit that I was most impressed by the furniture or product designers. And of course the library, must see the library and get free coffee! One thing though, the libraries doesn't seem very impressive over in Denmark, in comparison to the ones that I have seen in the UK.

I'm slightly frustrated that in the first year at DKDS you HAVE to study all kinds of design - and when you're as impatient as me, you kind of want to get a move on! And whats even more frustrating is that it is DKDS that I was most drawn to out of all the Danish universities that I looked at.

Hm, should I give you some more uni updates with the English ones now? Or should I wait for another time, because when bloggers posts gets too long, you start to loose interest.
So I'll stop and hopefully keep your interest, because of the above statement!


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