20 Apr 2012

Final Major Project #7

Easter holidays are over and I've had my first week back at college. Had a bit of a rough start to the week, but hey ho, might as well get back to everyday life again. 

On Friday 30th March I turned 18, didn't make a big deal out of it, but my family and a friend came over to celebrate. Ended up spending a few hours at the hospital in the morning as I cleverly slammed a car door on my thumb! Ups! Then went to college did a few bits and got picked up by Mum, Dad, Martin and Mette. We had a really nice evening at a pub in London that specializes in pies - and I really wanted a good traditional English meal. After that my Dad had planned a trip to Camden as he had found a gig, so we could hear some music, unfortunately that cancelled last minute which was a shame, so we ended up just wandering around Camden, as none of us had ever really been there before. 

Spended Easter on family marathons (as in visiting every family member, now the Danes where over, but also to celebrate me, I served them all "kage og boller" (cakes and rolls) and in the second week I did the dreaded 'Hjemmeopgave' from the Danish Design School and I'll know the results on 9th May. The Hjemmeopgave is a project that the Danish Design School gives you as a part of the application process. As it isn't the norm to have done what I have done - college, as previous experience, so they do it so they have an idea of the level that you are at. So fingers crossed and I'll hopefully the invited to an interview. 

Soon I'll give you an uni update as a lot of things has happened lately. 

Anyway I'm back and ready to rumble! 


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