25 Apr 2012

Final Major Project #8

Today I finally got to meet Ellie, my form tutors daughter. I know that perhaps sounds a bit weird, but here's the explanation; at some given stage I was telling Ali about my project and that I wanted a model that both was great a being photographed, but also could dance, preferably contemporary or ballet. Back then Ali suggested her daughter, because she reckoned that Ellie could be up for that job. Ali proposed the idea to Ellie and she accepted, since then there has been some back and forth communication - and we came to an agreement sometime before the Easter holidays. 

So today, as I said before, I had the honors of meeting Ellie, she's actually the same age as Shannon (cousin) - and they know each other from school, small world, eh? 

Anyway, fittings went well, I only have to do minor alterations - and we had a great brainstorm between the three of us (Ali, Ellie and I), about how to create the short film, the feeling, the mood and the style of dance. 

Besides that it has been a fairly boring morning and a fairly hectic afternoon, with dramas such as not knowing where I had placed my Joy Division dress! I think my brain is having a melt down with everything thats going on, plus I got told that I cannot perform a natural dyeing process at college, because I need a hob - and they won't give the print room one, because of heath and safety! This bloody country and their piles of rules!

Today we also had a sneak peak of where our end of year exhibitions is held at. It is a beautiful place - and credit to the tutors because its well thought out, with regarding people actually seeing the display. On the other hand the location is in a cellar and NO way near disabled friendly! I told them that - and their answer was that they were going to make sure that my auntie (she's the one that's been attending the parents evenings...), even if they would have to carry her down! Bless them, as they say here in Britain!

I'll give you more details soon!

Time for bed!


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