18 Nov 2012

Working On Alternatives

Spec/technical drawing of final design (done on Illustrator) for the Shirt & Silhouette project.

I was contemplating wheter I needed to buy more calico for my toile or not. And as my kitchen table isn't that big, I decided to tape my calico to the wall and place all my pattern pieces to see if they all fitted on or not. Luckily I could just squeeze them all on! 

Back and front of toile. 


Side views of the toile. 

After last weeks assessment for my DESIGN/TEC module, where I passed (first year is mostly on a pass or fail basis), this week I had to pick my final design and get started. 
I was unsure of which design to do, so I consulted with fellow students, the technician (Kerian) and my design tutor (Paul) - turned out to be more confusing than helpful, as they all picked out different designs. In the end I decided to go with what Paul liked the best, he was surprisingly quick at pointing out which one he preferred... Paul liked this one the best as it didn't have a typical shirt silhouette, and only the detailing referenced that it is a shirt. 
I did have to change the original design slightly, just to make my life easier supposedly, but if you ask me I was more annoyed than pleased at first. Alright I get that its pretty important that you can actually get your head into the shirt, I originally didn't have any opening what so ever. 
I tried placing a button stand on the front, design unconventional button stands and nothing worked for me, Paul wasn't any help at all. I later found out that he'd been smiling in amusement over my design issues, while I've been looking at my design developments in frustration. Hmpf! 
In the end the button stand got a place, just on the back of the shirt rather than the front, so it wouldn't disturb any of my lines in the front and I turned the collar around to give the design a more interesting spin. Also I unconventionally used a tux collar rather than a typical shirt collar, just because it's different. Why save something good for special occasions, when you could use it everyday? I really like the tux collar.

What are your thoughts on the design?


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