6 Nov 2012

55 Factory

True fact that I have been neglecting my blog for the past three weeks or so! I know, bad Hannah!
But sometimes you just get carried away with life and forget to update whats happening in your virtual one. The blog is my virtual life, everything in the blog world, makes it look like life is perfect, because to be honest how many people post online, when they've had a less than good one? 
When I've had a bad day I can't be bothered to post and when I've had a really good day, I'm just too knackered by then end of it to be bothered to post. So I post on average days! 

Anyway enough said about that! On Tuesday, another tweeting senstation happened and I landed myself another one day internship with Lois, who's the blogger behind Bunni Punch and Carrot Top PR! So I spend Thursday night with my flatmate Sophie (she also did the internship for Lois) at the 55 Factory Exhibition preview night in Shoreditch, its still on if you want to go and have a look! 
I spend the night handing out beer, pretending to be a bartender, and welcomed the quests at the door and took down their names and email addresses. 

We also got plenty of opportunity to have chats with all the fashion and art insiders that had come to see the show. Met lots of interesting people and generally had a really good time. 
Lois and I agreed on keeping in contact in the event of anything else exciting should come up, and she would need a hand. I hate to say, but you've got to love Twitter! 

By the end of the night Sophie and I were desperate for some food! Our duty started at 5pm and ended at 10pm, so we never really got an opportunity to have to dinner, so we swung by the nearest take-away we could find and ate it on the tube! What a successful evening. 

I'll make sure to update you on my university projects ASAP, but this week is assessment week, so everything is just a tiny bit crazy. Will see you on the other side!


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