30 Aug 2012


The future, God... 
It's only a couple a weeks ago it got finalised that I'm actually going to study at Middlesex University. It's been a long waiting time, in the end it all came down to wether or not Student Finance wanted to give me the Maintenance Loan. They came around and said yes! So there was a big smile and a bit of a cheer. I had already spent some time to mentally prepare myself that it might not happen - and Denmark would be the place for me to stay. 
Københavns Erhvervsakademi (Copenhagen School of Design and Technology) had already offered me a place, which my Mum was literally jumping in excitement over. She was thrilled to say the least. I suppose it was good news, I mean a least I would know where I would be going if England wasn't going to be an option. 
KEA's (Københavns Erhvervsakademi) letters started coming through, RUStur (freshers week) information and a list of whom my classmates where going to be. 27 girls and 1 boy. Dress-up and parties to prepare for, but then the Student Finance Letter came through and honestly a sigh of relieve came. I'm not much for dressing up in embarrassing costumes.    

So of I go, the contract for halls has been signed and the plane tickets booked. Time to pack the bags and say my goodbyes, I'd rather say "see you around". 
I do think this a perfect opportunity for my friends to come over a visit me in England ;) Since a disappointing amount of people came to visit while of there during my first 2 years, they'll have an additional 3 years to make up for it! Haha! 

To start a new journey I thought a new webpage/blog would be a great way to start it of.


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