23 Jan 2012

Final Major Project #4

All photos taken by me, with a Olympus X-1

So I finally finished the Alexander McQueen jacket, as I have said before it turned out to be a lot more tricky than anticipated, but I'm really pleased with the result - except for that awful material! Its done, its sit funny, but that because the mannequin is too small for the actual size of the jacket, but my tutor and I still have a funny feeling about how it sits.

This week in Construction I will be focusing on fabric manipulation and start on a Japanese pattern from the Pattern Magic 2 book! Its always good with a challenge.

The fabric manipulation is mainly to boost my portfolio, as I haven't got any images from previous fabric manipulation sessions and the college isn't the most organised one in the world...

I know I haven't been really good at updating this week, but I'd rather show you finished pieces instead of the mess of a step-by-step.

Now time to watch Stephen Fry: The Secret of the Manic Depression, it watching it in relation to the Joy Division project, as there are theories about Ian Curtis having bipolar, although at the time he was only ever diagnosed with epilepsy.


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