15 Jan 2012

Final Major Project #3

All photos taken by my with Olympus ZX-1

Just a quick one before heading to bed! So here is the whole kimono completed in lovelycalico! Reasonably pleased with the end result - a good thing to do for research, so its also hands-on instead of doing computer research all the time.

Unfortunately I didn't complete the McQueen jacket as I had hoped for, on Friday, turned out to be a lot more tricky than I had planned for. Ouch - might have to look at my time management! Now it even turns out that a third of the instructions are missing! Plus the fact that I haven't cut out the sleeves! Doh, get your head in the game Miss Ford! But the good thing is that since I had the experience from making the above kimono, the rest of the instructions aren't needed, because I know what I'm doing! Whoop, whoop!

Any thoughts on a Sunday evening? (Or Monday?)

Hope you have had a good weekend! More exciting than mine...

Although the best feature of today was the excitement of my Dad, when we talked about how to layout a portfolio! He was literally jumping and dancing of excitement - yup that's my Dad! Great to get some positive energy into this rather gloomy January...


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