23 Jun 2011


June 2011. 
PLAY Project (Retail); Window Design.
I've currently been working on a project called Play in Retail - and I basically have to design a window that will promote the Oxfringe (Oxford Fringe Festival), there were a few requirements such as: the minimum of 3 mannequins, the slogan ABOLITION DU TRAVIAL ALIENE and the Oxfringe logo. It also had to have the same mood as the collection (Performing Arts).
The design above is my final design, mostly done on photoshop, the writing has been done on Illustrator with help from my drawing tablet. In case anyone was wondering it is a Selfrigdes window that my display has been put in.

Tomorrow I'll be going into college again, to hand in some work and a old journal that my tutor want's to storage, plus I need to get a digital journal printed of and bound, perhaps Staples?
In the evening I'll be going to a beer festival that my auntie Carol is co-hosting (as far as I know), to support the opening of the new scout head quarters building. The rest of the family will be there too!

Good night!


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