1 Jun 2011

50's Summer Loving

50's Summer Loving Project. 

Sources: Topshop and Vintage Patterns. 

I have been working on a project called "50's Summer Loving". The name probably gives it away, but I have been required to create a 50's styled dress in four weeks. Two weeks of research and designing and two weeks of constructing patterns and sewing it. 
These pics are a part of my inspiration, a few traditional old fashioned ones, where I had to focus of the silhouette and the neckline - and as the 50's style dress is "in" very "in" and on trend at the moment, I have picked a few out. Just to show that the industry always goes back in time to get inspiration. What comes around goes around. 

I actually really like the yellow dress and on the other hand, not really. I'm not big on lace. Any thoughts?
Today I chose my final design and next week I'll be making the pattern for it!


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