7 May 2012

Joy Division #4

Sorry for being so quite lately, but I haven't got much to show you, as everything is at a stand still. Most of the time I'm doing journal work and I'll spare you from that, unless you of course are interested?

Here's part four from the Joy Division project, I have actually completed the project now, so I'll show you the final outcome soon! 
On the above images I'm prepping the screen with my print, ready to get exposed - and pattern cutting the dress/tunic that I'm printing the print on. 

Today its bank holiday in England and I am spending the day with my grandparents - to celebrate my Grandpa's 87th birthday, which is actually first on Wednesday. 

Still haven't had the opportunity to go back to Wendover Woods to look at the location during some dryer weather, as it still keeps stucking it down with rain. 


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