17 May 2012

Final Major Project #11

I think it is about time that I give you an update on my Final Major Project.

  1. I finally got some material for my jacket, it got some Soy Jersey, instead of Bamboo. Warning to you all can't recommend purchasing sustainable material from ECO EARTH FABRICS, it just too much hassle. 
  2. I got a new bias binder maker, but it's not easy to use with the Bamboo Silk. 
  3. You know how I said that it would be quicker and easier to use chemical dyes? Well someone having laugh and it's not me! The bamboo silk, was fairly easy to be fair. But the Soy Jersey, has caused me sleepless night (literally) - I think I have re-dyed it 4-5 times! It has come out the 'right' colour as a initially wanted, but now I'm not sure if it's dark enough or not. Although after starring at it for the best part of 3 hours I decided to leave it - cause the only other option was to dye it black (its navy blue at the moment). The thing is, black just a little bit too black, or should I say dark? Hope you know what I mean! 
  4. The photoshoot, I've been in contact with the V&A and they do a special deal for students! So now you don't have to lend me £8000, btw, no one offered! So I'm currently trying to figure, when these bloody garments will be finished to I can get on with it. I'm still thinking about filming/shooting at Wendover Woods. It's always good to have a range of places, because even though you imagine that something great is going to turn out, it just might not, considering my luck!
  5. Originally my FMP deadline was the 18th of May, but now its been moved to the following Friday, so the 25th! Heh, definitely wouldn't have been able to hand it in on Friday! Thank God for extensions! 
Thats all for now! 


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