22 Nov 2011

Play #1

I thought it was about time to give a little update, but life and college is busy and the rest of the time I spend on recharging and NOT blogging unfortunately. Heh, well read blogs of course, but not blogGING.
These pictures are from last week at Printed Accessories; our first try out on printing one of my designs on to a scarf, so exciting. Its a combo of Sydney Habour Brigde and a cut out of a map of Australia. As I'm not completely satisfied with the outcome, I have today experimented with different colours of the material, but also perhaps looking at other materials, such as silk, velvet (really don't like that though!) and an other fabric which I can't remember the name of!

This project is especially exciting as this is a 'live' project as they call them, that means that if my creative director is pleased with the outcome, it will be sold in the college pop-up shop, as a christmas shop.

I'm also currently battling with my fifth draft of my personal statement for the UCAS application, its coming along!
I have also completed all my Open Day visits at Universities, so all the other reviews will hopefully be up ASAP!
Today I caught myself in some mess, besides having paint all over my clothes, but at the student rep. meeting we were discussing events that could involve all the Art and Design students, so I have signed up for being apart of the event management team. We'll see how that goes, all the previous years a Aylesbury College, all the events have pretty much flopped, so lets see if I can help break that vicious circle! Or perhaps I'll just break under pressure because of the workload of my final major project... But it would be a great opportunity to get some extra work experience and be really proactive within the college environment - plus it would be so cool saying at the age of 17 I helped plan a fashion show/event/exhibition! Wish me luck!

Non college related stuff, spending Christmas in Denmark back home with the parents and little brother, be surrounded, I hope, by family and friends. A little piece of random information!

Hope you all are well out there behind the screens!


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