28 Nov 2011

Grey Gardens #5

Just to show an example of what I have been working on lately, when I have finished the final collection I'll post it, so you can see it. This collection was specifically requested by our Creative Director as for the main line is requested by our Construction tutor.
Hope you have had a lovely Monday, but if you ask me a Monday is a Monday.
I had to meet up at college at 8:30, that meant a early start - 6:00, we had to do a trip into London, to attend a seminar with six people doing each their own talks. A print artist, a graphic designer, two animation designers (they did it together) and two photographer (individually).
The trip didn't really have much relevance to what it is I'm studying, but the most interesting was definitely the photographers, can't remember their names right now, I know lazy, but will post their names when I get around to get!


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