15 Jan 2013

Better Late Than Never

I wanted to show you the dress some time before, but then I thought I didn't want to reveal it before Julie had actually worn it to her party, which was in late December. And well now it's mid-January. 
So here's the dress on Julie, doesn't she look beautiful? Well she always does regardless of what she wears! 

She wrote a lovely thing on Facbook: 
"Tak til min dejlige og talentfulde veninde Hannah fordi hun havde tiden og lysten til at sy denne fantastiske kjole til min galla." 
Need a translation? 
"Thank you to my lovely and talented friend Hannah because she had the time and will to sew this fantastic dress for my gala." 
Well there's no guarantee that you'll believe the translation if you're not Danish, for all you know I could be thinking very highly of myself ;) 
You could always ask Julie if you're in doubt. 

These are not actual images from her night, she took these afterwards, because she claims, that there are no decent photos of her from that night, well who believes that? 



  1. Love the back! Gorgeous Hannah well done xx