2 Oct 2011

Grey Gardens #3

Grey Gardens - Back to Basics Part Two

It looks a bit strange, but that is because it is a jumpsuit and it has legs, and this dummie wont fit a jumpsuit. This is a development from the top that you have previously seen in pattern paper, this is a toile made out of calico.

My imperfections: Seams that aren't lining up! I redid this around four times and I still couldn't get it right.

It was really rather annoying since the other side was perfectly lined up!

Things are really going to get crazy now, I haven't really showed you much of Grey Gardens, but don't really feel like boring you to death with lots of research. I would take snap shots of my research pages, but as my camera is nothing to get excited about, I will spare you from that.

I have ready started my designing and I'll be scanning them in during the coming week, so will try and post some of them - got 32 so far and need 50 by Wednesday! Plus a rough collection line up of 18 outfits, as the retailers are coming to see us that day, to get a feel of what we are doing, as they have to promote our collections.


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